Survey Results

As part of our plan to learn how everyone can help fight Acid Rain, we created a two page survey to test the knowledge people have about acid rain, their impact, and what they think could and should be done. We received lots of great feedback, with many students especially who really were ready to make a change. Take a look at some of the responses, and decide for yourself about acid rain and how much it affects people.


First off, we asked people if they thought it was a problem. Afterall, if they didn't, why would they bother changing or really respond to the rest of our information? However, we thankfully saw that most people did think it was a problem. In the next two graphs we tallied all the people who thought acid rain was a problem, and found if they had already made an effort to change their impact (1st graph) and would they be willing to change their impact positively (2nd graph). Although a large percent in the first hadn't made a change, more in the second are willing to try.

Of the people who thought acid rain is a problem . . .

What people thought their impact was . . .

Of course, although some wanted to make a change of their impact, some maybe didn't have to. We asked people what they though their impact as an individual was on the environment and to rate it on a scale of one to ten, one being no impact, ten being a large one. The different colours each represent the percent of people who rated that number, as seen by the legend.

Are There Signs of Acid Rain Near Where You Live?

We also asked when we surveyed wether people saw signs of acid rain near where they live to see if that could have been another influence into how willing they were to change. However, as this graph shows the majority weren't educated enough to recognize it.


We also learnt a lot of other similar things. Take for example that we were going to tally everyone's emissions based on how many litres of gas a month they use. However, we saw that the majority of people did not know. This suggests perhaps that although people think they have a small impact and want to change, they aren't necessarily aware of how they impact or what the results are.

Furthermore, we also got lots of really good advice on what we could do to reduce our emissions, including from students who wanted schools to reduce their impact, such as by having environmentally friendly days. They also suggested such things as turning off the lights and AC on hot days and just opening windows.